Are You Decorating Your Living Room With A Dramatic Flair?

24 April 2019
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Has the time finally arrived that you get to decorate your living room in the dramatic way you have dreamed of? If so, from selecting large format printing for the artwork to choosing an eclectic mix of furnishings, here are some ideas that might help you to create a unique and attractive room you will enjoy for many years:

Large Format Printing

Have you considered displaying photographs you have taken yourself, but doing so in a huge and dramatic way? Maybe you are lucky enough to have traveled to faraway lands and you have pictures that remind you of the places you have been. Or, maybe you are an amateur photographer that has taken some pretty amazing pictures of things like sunsets, rain storms, and fields of wildflowers.

Turn any of your photographs into dramatic works of art by having them professionally formatted into extremely large sizes. Large format printing is likely a lot more affordable than you thought it would be. In addition, the work can be done rapidly enough that you can probably hang your photographs the same day you take them in to be printed. 

Consider selecting some of your photographs that have an up-down focus, and others that have a side-to-side focus. That way, the large matted prints can be positioned in a way that will add interest to the grouping. Or, select sets to hang together. For example, a large photograph of a field of flowers might look great with a photograph of a single flower on either side of it.

An Eclectic Mix Of Furniture

If you are decorating with a dramatic flair in mind, think of selecting furniture pieces that complement each other, but that don't necessarily match each other. For example, select a sofa with a paisley design as the upholstery. Choose an unpainted coffee table that you can paint in one of the colors of the paisley design.

Another idea is to shop at world market stores for unique furniture pieces. A hand-painted Mexican buffet table wouldn't just add drama to the room, it would also be a great place to store things like picture albums and board games. Mamasan chairs or Papasan chairs might be a fun thing to add to your living room setting, too. Think of buying huge floor pillows in fabulous, colorful designs that will add to the decor and that you can use for extra seating.