Traditional Business Promotion In A Digital World

10 December 2015
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If you have a business, most of your marketing dollars might be spent on promoting the business online. With the vast majority of adults (84 percent) using the Internet, chances are excellent that you get a lot of phone calls, emails and, ultimately, customers, from promoting your online presence. While social media sites, web forums and your own website are excellent tools for boosting awareness of you and your business, it's important to funnel some of your energy and funds into non-digital promotion, too. Read More 

Electronics Tags - Custom Design And Printing Tips

8 December 2015
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If you run your own electronics rental business, then you may find yourself feeling disorganized as your inventory expands. This may make it difficult to figure out which pieces of equipment can be rented and which ones need to be cleaned or repaired. A tagging system that assigns a number to each piece of equipment can help you with organization, and so can the implementation of printed tags. These tags can be attached to each piece of equipment so that you can quickly note whether the item is ready to be rented or not. Read More 

How To Ensure Your Graduation Announcement Will Be Treasured As A Keepsake

15 May 2015
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Graduation, whether it is from kindergarten, high school, or university, is a time that proud family members and close friends want to remember. While electronic invitations may help you organize your graduation event quickly, they lack the ability to turn into a keepsake that traditional invitations have. If you create and print quality invitations, you will find them tucked away in a photo album or hanging on the mantle for years to come. Read More 

Fantastic Custom Shirt Ideas For Your Sorority Or Fraternity

6 April 2015
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As the school year comes to and end, a new one begins. The new school year means that fraternity and sorority bid day is coming. You can make sorority bid day extra special with some custom sorority shirts. You can make custom shirts for potential new members and for the new members receive on initiation day. If you're thinking about ordering custom shirts for your fraternity or sorority, here are some great ideas to think about. Read More 

Create Flyers That Find Lost Pets Fast By Keeping These 3 Things On Hand

26 March 2015
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Your pet has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming lost during its lifetime. According to, one of the most successful techniques for retrieving lost pets is creating and distributing paper flyers. Read on to learn what 3 things you should have on hand in order to create effective lost pet flyers in a hurry. A High-Resolution Image Of Your Pet Every doting pet owner is bound to have at least a few pictures of their furry friend saved on their computer or stored in their phone's camera roll. Read More