Company Sending Out Brochures? How To Select The Best Folded Printing Technique

25 June 2018
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Believe it or not, there are some people out there who pay attention to every detail of the correspondence they get from the businesses that reach out to them. Although you might think that the contents of the brochures or pamphlets that you are sending out is the most important thing, you should also spend some time thinking about the design of the mailer itself. The right folding design should be practical and appealing if you want it to have the maximum impact on your audience. Listed below are some tips that can help when you're selecting the folding pattern for your business brochures.

Gate Folds Are Great For Inserts

If you've ever received a birthday or holiday card that was folded in a gate fashion you can probably remember how special this design truly is. Gate folds are absolutely fantastic if you plan to put inserts or pop-ups in the mailings that you're sending to clients. It's almost like receiving a gift within a gift because the flaps on each side of the brochure open out to reveal a coupon, gift card or some other treat that the customer can use to purchase more products and services from your business.

The basic setup of a gate fold is simple; you have a large document that is basically folded into three partitions. The bottom layer is the largest, and the other two flaps close over it much the same way that the two sides of a gate close in front of a house. This leaves plenty of room for you to put additional mailings or inserts into the brochure without them falling out. It's also a lovely surprise for the opener!

Accordion Folds Are Informative & Affordable

If you want to send out a brochure that packs in a lot of information without the hefty price tag, then you might want to swing for the accordion fold. The accordion fold has words on both the front and back of the document and it is folded into easy-to-read sections that lay out everything very neatly for the viewer. Because it's a single piece of paper it usually won't cost very much to print and it still looks great.

Choosing the perfect design for your brochure shows your customer that you have an eye for quality. Carefully consider your options and make the choice that will work best for your business. You can also reach out to your local printer for more information about commercial folded printing options.