Benefits of Using Folded IRC's

15 February 2018
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An IRC is an "instant redeemable coupon." This is a coupon that is stuck to a product that provides consumers with an instant percentage or money amount off the price of the product when that product is purchased with the coupon. They are quite popular on jars of peanut butter and shampoo if you have ever bought such products and spotted the peelable coupon on the front of the container. A folded IRC then is a coupon or series of coupons that are folded up and stuck to the front label on a package or container. Here are some of the benefits of using such a marketing device.

Consumers Love to Save

Extra money off a product you were going to buy anyway? Who does not love that? If the product is also on sale, bonus! Now a consumer can buy a bottle of shampoo at almost half off the usual price because it is on sale and there is an IRC on the label. The more money consumers can save instantly, the more likely they are to buy your products. A folded IRC provides a second and/or subsequent opportunity to save on the same product. Ergo, the consumer will return to buy more product while it is on sale with the folded IRC he/she peeled off the first product. 

Boosts in Sales

When your sales on certain products are dragging, those IRCs are a definite sales booster. Consumers snatch that up in a hurry. Extreme couponers lap that up, too. They will buy products they do not really need when they can get a bunch of coupons on the product's container. 

Mess-Free Application

Folded IRCs are also easily applied to each product. A very simple adhesive keeps the folded coupon or coupons closed and attached to the label. When a consumer goes to peel it off, no sticky residue is left behind. The product containers or packaging are smooth and residue-free.

Super-Easy to Print

If you want to print thousands of folded IRCs, a label printing company can do this for you. They even provide the adhesive backing so that all your factory workers need to do is peel the backs and apply to products. If you have a machine in-house that applies the IRCs, that is even better. 

Talk to the printing company today. There are many pricing structures to consider. Pricing is based on the number of products to which you want to adhere the folded IRCs.

For more information, contact a business such as Daniel Label Printing Inc.