Maximize The Exposure Your Band Gets From Small Gig Live Performances

14 April 2017
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If your band is has lined up a bunch of small club performances, then it is important to maximize the exposure you get from the gig. Just because you are not playing to a sold out audience at MSG or some other huge arena, it doesn't mean you should treat it as a one off performance. The following tips will help you get the word out about your band, especially to those who didn't get a change to attend.

Get A Good Video Recording With Proper Audio

Have a friend with a decent DSLR set up their camera beforehand so that they can record the show. Then, you can post the video on your Vimeo (or YouTube) channel. A pro-grade DSLR is going to give the impression of a really slick concert video. You want to distinguish it from every other video that was taken with a phone or some other non-pro camera. A slick looking video is a great way for tons of people online to get to know your band. You can get fans who don't even live in the same city as where the performance was. It's a fantastic way to capture the performance and utilize it in the future as part of your marketing strategy.

You also want there to be really good audio, so it would be a good idea to have a separate, pro-grade audio recorder, which you can later sync up with the video. These will provide a better quality than the built in microphone that comes with most DSLR cameras.

If you don't know anyone who owns a DSLR, you can always contact a local film school and seek out students. They would love to shoot it and do audio for their reel.

Get Your Band's Logo Screen Printed Onto T-Shirts To Hand Out

People love band t-shirts with cool graphics, so get some nice quality t-shirts and print your band's logo and some cool artwork. Then hand these out after the show (or before). You don't have to try and sell them; just think of it as a marketing expense.

Get someone you know to do a few mock up artwork designs, and then pick the one you like best and bring it to a screen printer and go over the color choices. The screen printing is going to look much more professional than iron on transfers, which can have the tendency to crack or peel.

The great thing about handing out the shirts is that people who might not buy them will take them and wear them out, which will be free publicity for your band.