4 Tips For Creating The Best Name Labels For Your Conference

29 March 2017
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If you are in charge of planning a conference, make sure that you don't overlook the importance of creating high-quality, nice name label badges for the attendees at your conference. Here are four tips to keep in mind as you create name badges for your conference attendees.

#1 Skip Handwritten Labels

The one thing that you should not do is put out generic "Hello My Name Is" sticky badges that your attendees need to hand-write their name onto. To start with, these basic name badges will seem like a throwback to a high school event and do not give off a professional appeal. Second, when you rely on the attendees to write their own name, you run the risk that all the name badges will not be legible, which could create some awkward and avoidable moments. Finally, when you use generic labels, you lose out on an important opportunity to brand your event.

#2 Keep It Simple

As you design your name badges for your conference, remember to keep it simple. The most important information that should be included on each name badge is the person's name and title, what business or organization they are affiliated with and perhaps that business or organization is located if you have conference attendants coming in from varied locations.

The person's name should be printed in larger font than the rest of the information to make it stand out, with their title and then organization and location written in smaller font.

You don't need to include sponsor logos and additional information on the name badge; you don't want it to be overwhelmed with information, you want it to be able to convey the important information.

#3 Add Branding

Finally, the name badge is a great way to brand your event. This is the one thing that all of your attendees are going to see, wear and interact with, so take the opportunity to promote your brand. You can do this by including your company or business logo on the name tag; just make sure that it doesn't take away from other important information on the name badge. You can also attach the name badge to a lanyard; this is a great way to add branding without taking away from the information on the name badge.

Make sure that you create professional looking name badges for your conference that make it easy for attendees to know each other's name and other important information, and make sure that you take the chance to do a little branding of your own as well.