Bakeries & Pastry Shops: Creating A Memorable Experience With Free Samples

14 March 2017
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In the food industry, "Free Samples" is a phrase that many people will flock to. They love to taste and try all kinds of treats. The key to providing a great free sample is not just about the pastry or dessert that your bakery provides. You can go a long way with the branding, packaging, and showcasing of the sample that you give out to guests. Whether it's a fun bonus with any order or some type of marketing promotion, there are many ways you can showcase menu options with some free sample upgrading and branding.

Matte Laminated Eurototes

Many grocery stores and other locations offer a free sample on a napkin, tissue paper, or a paper plate. You can showcase the elegance and branding of your pastry shop by eliminating those cheap forms and going all out with matte laminated Eurototes from a company like The Bag Ladies. These totes are small gift bags that can be lined with food safe tissue paper and be used to serve your free sample. It will make the food feel more special and elegant when a person goes to it. Placing the food in a special package that is separate from the original order can also have a big difference on the impact that it has on a customer.

Hot Stamped Gift Bags

Along with choosing a special bag like a Eurotote, you can customize the free sample with your business name and logo. These types of bags are ideal for hot stamping. The hot stamping process can be completed by printing companies. It places a foil printing directly on the bag. It helps add an official and professional look to the samples that you give out. As the bags are being carried and displayed, it can showcase your business name to other people and help spread the word. The foil stamping can be done in any font or design, sticking to your personal branding.

Sample Extras

Along with the sample, you can provide extras inside of the same gift bag. For example, you can have miniature versions of your menu printed out. This allows the customer experience to go beyond just the sample. A customer can see your other offerings and know exactly what your business has to offer. You can also provide a special coupon that can be used for a future visit. This will help encourage a customer to return back to your business in the near future.

A printing company can help set up all of your product and item needs. Ordering in bulk will provide you with plenty of options for providing samples to guests.