Fantastic Custom Shirt Ideas For Your Sorority Or Fraternity

6 April 2015
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As the school year comes to and end, a new one begins. The new school year means that fraternity and sorority bid day is coming. You can make sorority bid day extra special with some custom sorority shirts. You can make custom shirts for potential new members and for the new members receive on initiation day. If you're thinking about ordering custom shirts for your fraternity or sorority, here are some great ideas to think about.


All about love

Sororities are all about love between sorority sisters. You can show this through the shirts that you create for current and new members. One great idea is making a shirt that says something like, "Love is Sorority" with a hear around the quote or around the word love. The shirts can come in a variety of colors to adhere to the taste of the members. If you're looking for an idea for some new summer tanks, you can do something simple. Make an "I love" shirt. Instead of the word love, make a sun in the shape of a heart to symbolize the summer. Under that, add the name of your sorority.

Bid day & recruitment

Another simple yet effective design is to make a shirt that is obvious for bid day. If your sorority is going to wear a specific color on bid day, order shirts in that color. On the front just have the text say, "on bid day we wear 'insert color here'." If you are a recruiter for your sorority, you can make some great recruiter shirts. Do something simple such as putting the name of your sorority in large letters, and at the bottom print "recruitment" and add the year next to it.

Fun quotes

Many girls love quotes. Ordering sorority shirts with a fun quote is always a great idea. You can either write your own or find a quote about friendship or sisterhood. Have the quote printed on the front of the sorority shirts in a fun font. You can top it off with the sorority name at the bottom, or even behind it in a lighter font. Keep calm quotes are all the rage right now. You probably see "Keep Calm And..." with something witty after it all over social media. Use this for your sorority shirts. Instead of "carry on," replace the word carry with the name of your sorority.


If you are in a fraternity you are probably having a more difficult time deciding on shirt designs than the sororities. Most men don't want a cute quote or picture on their shirt. There are some great ways to make fraternity shirts without all of the bubblegum and glitter.

Simple yet effective

You already know you can just do the simple Greek letters on your shirt. What you may not know is that there are still many different options. You can do the letters in print or have them embroidered. Embroidery gives them some depth, and you can choose many different colors and designs the letters are made out of. Do you have a saying for your fraternity? That would be a nice addition to your shirts. You can still do the large-print Greek letters, and print the saying under them in a smaller font.


If you have a huge event coming up, you can advertise it on your fraternity shirts. If you have a fund raising dinner or cookout, print up some shirts for it. Put a picture of some food on the shirts. If you have a seafood dinner, print a lobster, your fraternity name, and the date of the dinner on the shirt.

If rush week is coming, make some shirts to advertise. Make some shirts that say "become" with your fraternity name after it. Put "Rush Week" on the back or even on the front in larger letters. You can go simpler with "Rush Week 2015" and the name of your fraternity below it.

Having custom shirts for you sorority or fraternity is a great way to allow the members to display their pride while advertising for new members. When it comes to customization, the possibilities are endless. For more information, contact a local shirt printing company like The Houndstooth Press